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Bleeding Heart Clematis Daisy Gardener Hollyhock
 "One is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth."  D.F. Gurney  "A little garden, not too fine, and old man's beard round the cottage twine, bent bowering overhead to twine a summer shade."
John Clare
"The glory of a garden is that half a proper gardener's work is done upon his knees."  Kipling  "I have an hour I must keep close to the brown and fragrant earth, to know again this bright rebirth; I labor close to God."  Very Hoffman  "I have a pretty little garden in which I take more satisfaction than anything in the world."  John Custis 1700
  Lily Stargazer Rose Veg Basket  
   "I know a little garden close, set thick with lily stars, where I would wander if I might."  William Morris  "Hail, queen rose, of the rosebud garden."
Lord Tennyson
 "Who loves a garden still his Eden keeps, perennial pleasures plants, and wholesome harvest reaps."
Amos Bronson Alcott
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