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Dogwood Eggplant Hollyhock Orchid Baby Petunia
 "God almighty first planted a garden."
Sir Francis Bacon
 "Supreme beauty of any kind excites my soul to tears."  Poe "An' yet may I a small dwelling and a large garden have; a few friends and many books."
Abraham Cowley
 "Once, walking in the garden, I was for a second not quite sure that a little man had not run past me into the flowers."  C.S. Lewis  "Lean on a garden urn and weave sunlight into your hair."  T.S. Eliot
  Rose Rose Veg Basket  
   "And among my prayers - a piece of land not so very large which would contain a garden."  Horace  "My garden, 'tis like a little heaven below."
Isaac Watts
 "Of thrice and four times happy, those who plant cabbages!"
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