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Bluets Dogwood Foxglove Gardener Laurel Magnolia
 "A flower that first in this sweet garden smil'd, mid frosts and snows triumphant dares appear, mingles the seasons, and leads the year."
Thomas Tickell
 "My garden has a friendly air; a gated fence and a praying rock beneath a dogwood tree."  Lucille Thompson "There are fairies along the back of our garden."
Rose Fyleman
 "What a gardener needs is a cast iron back with a hinge on it."  Charles Warner  "In the very next garden, did not a magnolia open its pure white blooms against the watery blue of April?"
Edith Wharton
  Lavender Rose Tulip  
   "...and crushed or trodden on the ground, diffuse their balmy spice around."
Oliver Goldsmith
 "Won't you come into my garden?  I would like my roses to see you."
Henniker Heaton
 "The garden's afire with a joyful blaze of tulips in the morning rays."  Emerson  
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