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Daylily Snapdragon Columbine Fern Pansy
 "O, fair day-lily whose blossoms curl obliquely back, one whose summer's day the beauty's live these into garlands may the maiden's twine."
Johann Strauss
 "Hail, brave snapdragon!  As old wives say, thou driv'st nocturnal sprights away."
Abraham Cowley
 "I met a little lady, she wore a scarlet cap.  A fairy, airy creature, her name was columbine." 
Mary Frances Hewitt
 "April stirs sleepy roots with Spring rain."  T.S. Eliot  "Pray God send thee but one handful of heavenly heart's ease which passeth all the pleasant flowers that grow in this worlde." 
William Bullein
  Lilac Daffodil Dogwood  
   "Ah let me weave a chaplet for your hair, of pale rose lilacs, lady fair, the flower I gather, love, for your sweet sake, breathes love that neither time nor ill can shake."
Persian love song
 "A thing of beauty is a joy forever, and such are daffodils, within the green world."  Keats  "My garden has a friendly air; gated fence and a praying rock beneath a dogwood tree."
Lucille Thompson
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