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Poppy Marigold Daffodil Columbine Fern
 "Of all flowers, the poppy inspires me most." 
Pablo Neruda
 "...open afresh your rounds of starry folds, ye ardent marigolds."  Keats  "In the sweet o' the year when daffodils begin to peer, with a heigh ho, the doxy over the dale."  Shakespeare  "A woodland walk in quest of a rock-loving columbine is a salve to my worst wounds."  Emerson  "April stirs sleepy roots with Spring rain."  T.S. Eliot
  Clematis Bleeding Heart Geranium  
   "A little garden, not too fine, and old man's beard round the cottage twine, bent bowering overhead to twine a summer shade."  John Clare  "Divine love is a sacred flowers; happiness in early bud, heaven in full bloom."
Robert Herrick
 "This little flower, poor Robin, is here, constantly, courting my attention."  Wordsworth  
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