These handmade note cards are designed by Kathryn Bryant using photographs taken in her favorite gardens and shorelines up and down the east coast, from the dune shacks of Provincetown, Massachusetts
to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Georgia.

      The collection reflects the inspiration of the contemplative lifestyle, and it is the artist's hope that the beauty of creation will encourage meaningful communication between people.

Note Cards


Horticultural Note Cards

$3.99 each

As Seen at the Southeastern Flower Show!


Beginning with the highest quality deckled artist's paper, each original photograph is outlined and signed in gold. A quotation from one of the classic poets or famous botanists about each variety is printed under the image, and intriguing horticultural information, folklore, common names, usages, etc. is recorded on the back. 

     The envelope is then printed with complementary images to create a unique and unforgettable note card.  Each card is enclosed inside a protective sleeve, or available in clear acrylic gift boxes.  Blank inside, these cards are ideal for your personal greetings; anything from condolence to congratulations.


     Individual Horticultural Galleries
(click on any flower to see our selection of images.)

Allium, Amaryllis, Anemone, Anthurium, Begonia, Bittersweet, Bleeding Heart, Bluebells, Bluets, Buttercup, Butterflyweed, Calla Lily, Camellia, Clematis, Columbine, Cornflower, Cosmos, Crocus, Crown Imperial, Cypress, Daffodil, Dahlia, Daisy, Daylily, Delphinium, Dianthus, Dogwood, Fern, Foxglove, Fuschia, Geranium, Gladiolus, Hawthorn, Hibiscus, Holly, Hollyhock, Honeysuckle, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Hyssop, Iris, Ivy, Lady's Slipper, Laurel Magnolia, Lavender, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Lily, Lupine, Maidenhair Fern, Mandavilla, Maple, Marigold, Milkweed, Mistletoe, Morning Glory, Myrtle, Nasturtium, Orchid, Pansy, Passion Flower, Peony, Petunia, Poinsettia, Poppy, Pumpkin, Queen Anne's Lace, Rhododendron, Rose, Shamrock, Snapdragon, St. John's Wort, Sunflower, Sweet Pea, Thistle, Tulip, Water Lily, Wisteria, Zinnia.


Horticultural Boxed Sets (Discounted)

(Packaged in a clear plastic box.)

$18.99/Box of (5)
$29.99/Box of (8)

(click on any set to see our selection of images.)


Rainbow Classic Portrait-Set of (8)
Rainbow Portrait Detail-Set of (8)
Rainbow Twins-Set of (8)
Pastel Rainbow-Set of (8)
Rainbow Family Portraits-Set of (8)
Rainbow Friendship-Set of (8)

Georgia Botanical-Set of (8)

Flower Fairies 1-Set of (5)
Flower Fairies 2-Set of (5)

From Another World 1-Set of (8)
From Another World 2-Set of (8)
From Another World 3-Set of (8)

Gardener's Eden 1-Set of (8)
Gardener's Eden 2-Set of (8)
Gardener's Eden 3-Set of (8)

Garden Therapy 1-Set of (8)
Garden Therapy 2-Set of (8)
Garden Therapy 3-Set of (8)

Floral Inspiration-Set of (8)
Floral Prayer-Set of (8)
Floral Shakespeare 1-Set of (8)
Floral Shakespeare 2-Set of (8)
Floral Friendship 1-Set of (5)
Floral Friendship 2-Set of (5)
Floral Friendship 3-Set of (5)
Floral Friendship 4-Set of (8)

Floral Friendship-Christian Set of (8)

Beach Friendship-Set of (8)
Beach Inspiration -Literary 1-Set of (8)
Beach Inspiration -Literary 2-Set of (8)
Beach Inspiration -Scriptural-Set of (8)
Beach Old New England-Set of (8)
Beach-Peace & Quiet-Set of (8)
Beach-Prayer-Set of (8)
Beach-Provincetown-Set of (8)
Beach-Recovery-Set of (8)
Beach-Salty Olde Poets-Set of (8)
Beach-Sunrise-Set of (8)
Beach-Sunset-Set of (8)
Beach-Vacation-Set of (8)


Mother's Day-Set of (5)

Encouragement-Set of (5)

Love-Set of (5)

Berkshire Spring-Set of (8)
Berkshire Summer-Set of (8)
Berkshire Fall-Set of (8)
Berkshire Winter-Set of (8)
Berkshire Gardens-Set of (8)

Spring 1-Set of (5)
Spring 2-Set of (8)
Spring 3-Set of (8)
Spring 4-Set of (8)

Summer 1-Set of (5)
Summer 2-Set of (8)
Summer 3-Set of (8)
Summer 4-Set of (8)
Summer 5-Set of (8)
Summer 6-Set of (8)
Summer 7-Set of (8)

Fall 1-Set of (5)

Fall 2-Set of (8)
Fall 3-Set of (8)

Winter 1-Set of (5)
Winter 2-Set of (8)
Winter 3-Set of (8)
Winter 4-Set of (8)

Orchid 1-Set of (8)
Orchid 2-Set of (8)
Orchid 3-Set of (8)
Orchid 4-Set of (8)

Rose 1-Set of (8)
Rose 2-Set of (8)
Rose 3-Set of (5)
Rose 4-Set of (8)



Special Occasion (Greeted) Note Cards

$3.99 each


      Using the same high quality presentation described above, these cards have a unique quotation to complement the image and express your thoughtfulness on important occasions.  Blank inside, these cards are ideal for your personal sentiments.  All envelopes are uniquely printed to create an unforgettable note card. 



Sample Beach Card


Sample Thanksgiving Card


Special Occasion Galleries
(click on any gallery to see our selection of images.)


(Music, Seasonal, Garden)

Breast Cancer Gallery
Classic Mythology
Coffee Shop
Father's Day
Flower Fairies

From Another World




Get Well 
Grandparents' Day
Mother's Day
New Baby



Orthodox-Saints & Feasts
Orthodox-Thank You
Teacher Thank You
Thank You
Valentine's Day
Wedding (Engagement)


Museum Quality Magnets

$3.99 each


 Click here to
see our selections.

Beach Magnets

Floral Magnets


        Magnets are 3" x 4" and are made of clear acrylic with a large magnetic surface on the back.
 They make excellent gifts.

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This elegant maple display
 is hand-made in Vermont and reflects the stunning simplicity of the cards.  The display has a gallery effect on the art.  Clear acrylic racks disappear when filled and allow for maximum product exposure.  The racks are six feet tall and come in three widths, 24", 36" and 48".  They can be filled on both
sides and are  lightweight
and easily portable.

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